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Alex (nedge2k)

SE Xperia X1 - Hands On

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When info on this device first leaked, I was certain it would be my next phone. However, even in the short space of time the public have known about this device it's already become, well, a little chunky when compared to it's latest and forthcoming rivals. Which is what's kinda put me off the device I used to lovingly call the "SEX1". However, if ever there were a case for a device becoming more than just the sum of it's parts based on the software developed for it, the SEX1 could have it won. Why? Well, check out the video hands-on the:unwired have put together and see for yourself! Oh and the LED config in the settings menu is just awesome!

It's also worth reminding you that Paul will be at the official SEX1 pre-launch event today and will be webcasting the event live!

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