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How To Install WM 6.1 on a MDA VARIO 2

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I am a Noob in this domain and i have a MDA Vario II with WM6 and i want to make an upgrade to WM6.1.I don't know anythig about this so if anybody want's to help me.I want to know every thig how to make a backup to my phone how to install WM6.1,where i can find it.And I want to know what is this ROM???Pls help me.My MDA Vario II has Windows Mobile 6 Professional CE OS 5.2.1948(Build 18548.0.7.0),Processor SC32442-400MHz and it has ROM version: Schap's 4.31 ROM date: 10/03/07 Radio Version: Protocol Version: 32.53.7018.01H.Pls Help me and tell me what is with this ROM stuff.Sorry for my English but I'm Romanian ;) and the PDA wasn't new i bought it from a guy with WM6.

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I'm Also looking to do this with my VarioII.

Seen it done, but is it worth it? Can the hardware cope with 6.1 or are there performance issues?

What ROMs are available? and is there a clear winner in terms of popularity?

Thanks in Advance.

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First of all the hardware can cope with WM 6.1. However there is a warranty issue. HTC and T-Mobile only offer WM6 as an upgrade voor de Hermes devices.

If you flash another Rom the warranty is automatically void.

There are a number of sites out there with cooked Roms. Please be aware of the risks of flashing a cooked Rom.

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