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Set input mode of non-edit controls..? (Forms, ListView, etc)

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I'm writing an application that is capturing keystrokes on a form (or a listview, which ever I can get to work lol). There is no text box or anything, just a form visible to the user. Now, capturing the keystrokes is easy enough. The problem is, it seems the form has it's input mode set to NUMBER. I am testing on a Blackjack II, and when I hit the S key I don't get a character (it's the STAR key) and when I hit one of the keys with a number, I see the number instead of the letter.

I want to change this so the input mode is alpha by default. I have tried using Win32 to send EM_INPUTMODE to the Form, but this does not work. Is there any way I can set the input mode whenever the form is visible so that ALPHA is default.. and not number mode?

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