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Galaxy 7 - any release date yet?

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Hey Guys

I'm desperate to replace my crap HTC Diamond (its utter rubbish - and yes, I have flashed it from xda-devs), does anyone have any dates yet for the Galaxy 7? I know its rumoured next month ....

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Me too :D

The spec seems just too good in that single flurry of news posts. There was some talk of the O2 Zest earlier in October that looks total different but did share some of the specs. I'm in desperate need to pull the trigger on a new phone and have been putting off to see the Touch Pro vs Xperia 1 battle it out. Now I'm pretty settled on getting the Xperia but this Asus device won't stop nagging at me.

I'm interested in seeing how that Marvell Chipset performs versus the more popular Qualcomm.

Lack of keyboard is a slight problem for me considering I'm looking for a all in one device, but I can get over that. Do you think they'll do a keyboard version?

Love the 4gig built in storage PLUS memory card slot. I can load up on essential apps, GPS etc on my phone then bring cards with media on to swap out without losing on functionality. Why more mfrs don't do this on their high ends I have no idea.

800x480 3.5" screen. Yum.

5mp Camera (yeah mp's are everything but it shows their hardware platform is totally different to that of HTC)

Design looks nice, maybe not as sharp as the Touch diamond/pro or Xperia, but good enough. It's seems functional though which is what you really want.

Glide UI is an unknown for me, a crappy UI could ruin the phone. I hope if they don't put the effort in on Glide they at least allow it to be easily tweaked/replaced,

Price. I'm scared, but that's nothing new.

So as my buddy said, anyone got any news? :lol:

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