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Opera/PIE crashing when opening web Gmail

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So, I recieved my Touch Pro from Expansys this morning, and using it today with T-Mobile I've noticed a rather strange phenomenon. Whilst connected to the interenet over T-Mobile's network, both Opera and PIE crash when trying to open the Gmail page. However, if I turn off the phone, and just connect over my WiFi, it loads fine. As soon as I switch back and try to navigate through my messages, Opera crashes. I'm going to do some more investigating, but I just wanted to get this out there and hear everyone's thoughts. I did install Google Gears before noticing this, and thinking that that might be causing the problem, uninstalled it, but it has made no difference.

For reference, the ROM etc details are:




Anyone else experienced this?

(I'm also going to post this over at xda-devs)

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I have now found the resolution to this problem, which I am assuming only applies on T-Mobile's network. It seems that the proxy for T-Mobile was blocking secure connections (i.e. to sign in to Google), so to get around this, you need to go into connection settings, and then view the proxy settings, and disable the proxy for the connection 'T-Mobile Internet'. I'm sure this will be obvious to some, but just wanted to close this post in case anyone else comes across this.

If anyone has any info on why this was happening I would very interested to know the cause, particularly as I have just switched from a Kaiser where the connection settings were identical.

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