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Worried about Touch Pro Keyboard

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I 've just had a play with a Vario IV for the first time, and I've only really just noticed that whereas the Vario III / Kaiser had both an OK and a Windows key on the keyboard, this one doesn't. In fact they appear to have wasted lots of keys to have a "messaging" key and an SMS key

I use those keys all the time on my VIII - are you supposed to use the keys on the front of the device instead? I've not found many complaints about this but it seems like a big deal to me.

I'd love to hear some feedback from those who have one - or can you reprogram the keyboard?

(Device looked great otherwise btw!)

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I cant answer your query as i havent seen one yet ;) . But what i did want to know was that the vario iv or touch pro you looked at ?

it was the vario IV - saw it at a t-mobile event. sadly it wasn't one of the phones on display in their "winter showcase" so launch is not imminent. I had to ask on of the demonstrators who had a trial version that she was given for photography... she said they were still hoping to launch "in Q4" but the had had a few problems with the handset and didn't want to launch it before it was ready.... (i pointed out that vod had launched and the Htc version has been out for ages, and that t-mob germany have launched, but to no comment...)

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