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So I had a very busy day today.

Leaving home at 6am to catch the early train before spending the morning at Earls Court in London for the VM08 event before heading over to the South Bank to the Microsoft event where Steve Ballmer and his crew were in full force.

So I made a few phone calls, had push mail running all day, did a bit of browsing over HSDPA, 3G and GPRS, used Google maps to find where I was going (although I did not use the GPS), got up to date with all my RSS feeds, took loads of notes in OneNote and even took a load of photos and even a couple of videos of Mr Ballmer himself in action.

By the time got home at 8pm, the low battery warning was kicking in.

So over all not bad although I did not make as many calls as I would normally have done today and I forgot my headphones so did not listed to some music on the train. A few more minutes of talk time or MP3 listening would have seen me running out of juice before I got home.

So this has got me thinking about extra power on the move.

Now obviously I can buy an extra battery or even go for the upcoming extra capacity battery but these don't come cheap and in the case of the larger battery, adds bulk to the phone.

So I see there are a number of portable chargers you can get where you charge the charger and then use it to charge the phone where needed. The HTC one looks like it could charge the phone 2 or 3 times however I have seen others.

So has anybody used any of these chargers (or anything else for that matter) and how did you find them?


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Myself and a number of colleagues use the Maplin Mobile Power Pack and it works well. Costs £9.99 and is very small in size.

It will recharge a Diamond twice, so maybe only one and a bit times for the Touch Pro, but still useful ;)

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