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Vibrate mode BUT with an alarm I can hear

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Hi All,

I have had an i780 almost since they first appeared and I have been generally very pleased with it bar a few minor gripes.

However the biggest pain is the almost total inability to use it as an alarm clock - I travel a lot and have little trust in hotel based alarm clocks so I like my own solution to hand. However I also dislike noisy mobiles so I have vibrate mode set permanently...so my alarm call in the morning will only vibrate. Or I turn on the sound before I go to bed leaving me open to calls throughout the night (one of the downsides of working for an international company).

So, is there a simple way to allow the alarms to make noises while leaving all other phone functions to just vibrate?

The phone is a company one and is Orange (France) badged both of which restrict me from installing significant changes. I have several colleagues who are also looking for a solution to this problem...



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