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This is Starting to annoy me, how to start?

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I am searching on Google now for about 5 Hours and I can't seem to find this.

I want to make a real easy Game in Cpp/ASM for my Smartphone (vox)..

Coding games for linux is no big deal and that is what I normaly do.

I use Gcc and GDB also SDL and Inline (x86) Assembler in them.

Ive got a Vox and Linux doesn't work good enough yet on it and till it does I want to have this little game on my Windows Mobile.

Since I travel a lot and I want to have something to do when I am on the road.

So, Coding a Small game in C++ for a Smartphone.

My Googling told me about eMbedded Visual C++ but that looks kind old.

I have not been able to find a QuickReference for the SDK. Or a Documentation.

Coding in MS Visual Studio is quite new for me. But I bet that they can't have raped C++ so much thats its such a Diffrent Language.

Does somebody have a good Document for me?

One that shows me the SDKs Functions.

Oh, I found a couple of examples. But they started with _tmain. And i was all my WTF..?!

I hope that somebody can give me a good Documentation. I also looked on MSDN but bad luck.

Thanks =)

- Robin

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