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Deploying dvoraksip

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I've tried adapting the sample dvoraksip that comes with the SDK to create a custom SIP. In Visual Studio 2008, I can build and deploy the code and it works great in the emulator.

Next, I've added the output of this project to SmartCAB project and built a .CAB file.

I've transferred this to my WM6 OMNIA and installed - I'm told that the application has installed successfully.

However, the new SIP doesn't appear on the list of available SIPs like it does on the emulator. Have I missed out an obvious step? Maybe some kind of registry change needed?

In the "Program Files" directory on my device there's a dvoraksip.dll, but clicking on this tells me that there is no app associated with it. I also tried copying this file to the "Windows" directory and rebooting, but still no luck.

Like I said in the topic description, this is my first attempt to create a WM app and the first time I've ever used Visual Studio, so I may have missed somethng really obvious...

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Solved it myself!

Had to set the output from the VS2008 project to go to the Windows rather than Program folder. Then had to set the output to be "COM self register"

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