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Rotating Images in HTC Album?

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Hi folks,

When I tried out the homebrew TouchFlo 2D on my Kaiser, it was possible to rotate an image (as in, permanently edit it) by swiping a right-angle on the screen.

Nothing like this on the real Touchflo 3D on the Raphael - I can't seem to find it in the help, or functionality. All Help suggests is to tilt the screen so the accelerometer kicks in and rotates the image... which is cool, but completely useless if you took a landscape image. The picture's on it's side, so you rotate the phone to look at it right-way-up - and the phone senses the rotation and flips the picture onto its side again!!! Continue ad infinitum.

Anyone found a way around this? Even a registry hack, perhaps?


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Had that same problem the other day. Couldn't find a way of doing it in HTC Album (even resorted to reading the Help files!!!), so in the end opening it in the MS standard "Pictures & Videos" and using the Rotate option in there.

Odd "improvement" to HTC Album though, I agree!

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