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Playing videos off MDA Vario lll on computer

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I've had my MDA Vario lll since May- and it's been sent back twice because it keeps crashing and freezing. Each time they just update it, wipe it and send it back saying there isn't an issue. Needless to say I do not like this phone in the slightest and am quite fed up of the problems.

One problem I can't seem to shift, and I can't find information on in the user's manual is playing videos after using the Windows Mobile Device to remove them off the MDA. I can open the file holding them on the computer and they are there under .mp4 but when I try to play them they either don't work (on itunes or almost any other program) or they play without sound (windows media player)...

Any suggestions?


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Try this:

1) Make a backup copy of the mp4 file

2) Rename the file to filename.3gp

Will it then play?

No it won't even when I change the name to .3gp it still says it's a .mp4 file type. What program should I be trying to play the videos on? I've tried windows media, itunes, quicktime, flv, ares...

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Have you got a standard Windows installation with file extensions (e.g. the .mp4 part) hidden? If that's the case you can't change the file extension.

To fix this, in Windows Explorer go to Tools > Folder Options > View and untick Hide extensions for known file types- (I do this as a matter of course when I first get onto a new Windows installation- I want to know what kind of files I'm dealing with. I also choose to Show hidden files and folders and tick Do not cache thumbnails too.)

Try that, then renaming the .mp4 to .3gp

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