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Got my X1

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So picked up my X1 today, so far quite happy with it but I'm no expert on Windows Mobiles or new mobiles in general, Just switched from my old and shitty broken Samsum A920.

So far if you ask me, compared to my old phone, it's very fast, to turn on and off goes within a second and some times not even that, audio quality is quite good, and yeah the camera is 'OK' in quite so dark room. The gui and work with it is decently fast to, I don't feel like I need to wait to much, some times it it's a bit slow but the wait is just max a sec or two then.

The photo I attached is from a very dark room ( Using the light from the phone ) And yes, sorry, my cat likes to tear down my posters. I haven't had a time to try the camera outdoors yet. I'l can do that if someone want some screens like that.

If anyone have any questions I may be able to answer then go ahead and ask, as I don't think most got the phone yet, but keep in mind I cannot really compare this phone to any other, nor am I an expert on Windows Mobile OS but I'm learning it fast.


As a side question, using background pictures in the OS "Today" screen, it always get layered out with an massive 'white' color picture, is it possible to do some filtering with your cusom backgrounds to not get this effect, teh default background themes with the phone does not cause this effect, it makes customice the phone really ugly as you screen gets really really white.


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