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REALLY poor signal on T-Mobile

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I just got a Touch Pro on T-Mobile from Expansys (thanks for the tenner off!).

I love the device but the signal is poor to the point of unusable both at work (the center of Bristol) and at home. I've rung T-Mobile who said I should have "excellent" coverage in both my home and work postcodes. I've never been on T-Mobile before but I'd guess it should be better than this?

It's ruining the device for me. Mostly because I can't make calls but there are so many web features on it that I can't use.

Browsing around the web, it looks as if this is a problem for quite a few people. Anyone know of a solution? I have tried setting the band from "Automatic" to GPRS but that made no difference. When I put my Orange sim card in there, it's better but still significantly lower than when it's in my N95.

Does anyone have anything to suggest? I REALLY don't want to have to send this device back.

Anyone in the Bristol area who ISN'T having this problem. If so, it might suggest a faulty handset and I'll get it exchanged.

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Hello , sorry i've only just seen this post ..

I got a Touch Pro on T-Mobile from Expansys , and i live in Bristol (Bishopsworth ) , and work in the B.R.I. (hospital) in the center of town , and my signal is fine , infact i've found it better in a lot of places than Orange (my old provider ) was before ...

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