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Orange exclusivity deal

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As as long time customer of Orange (though with fairly low bills), I just called them and went for a new 18 month contract - not upgrade as such...

Panther 45 = 1200 mins, 500 texts, unlimited land line calls, 18 month contract for £40 per month.

handset price £50.

And as a deal breaker B) they upped the data usage to fully unlimited B) (1Gb per month)

total cost = £770, so I'm pretty happy with that as O2 and T-mob coverage is rubbish round here B)

sadly, this has been bugging me in the back of my mind since posting this...

How could I have ended up paying quite so much extra over the expansys / T-Mobile deal???

Then I woke up this morning and realised what I'd done! B)

No - it's not that I've blindlt signed up to a mega expensive deal...

I just can't use a calculator properly LOL (d'oh)

(18 x £40) + £50 is of course £690, not £770 as I posted above.

Apologies for any confusion caused - I had done (18 x £45) + £50, with the Panther 45 deal normally being £45, but I got it for £40.


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I make 18 * 40 = £720 +£50 = £770 as you originally stated...

I think I'm going mad... B)

I'll get my coat right now B)

thank you confucious B)

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My HD got to Rusden at 3:30pm today.

And to 'hub 3' at 7:30pm

I'm just hoping that hub 3 is somewhere between Rushden and South Wales... B) B)

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Ok, so finally having settled on upgrading my TyTNII to a Touch HD, I called 'O'.

Having been an 'O' customer for circa 10 years I thought, in my naivety, that a good deal would be on offer.

I have always been on 12 month contracts as I like to change my phone to the 'latest & greatest' as often as I can so ideally wanted to stay that way.

It turned out not to be an option unless I wanted to pay through the nose for the privilege of decent minutes/texts/Net Access.

In my conversation on Monday the 10th Nov, I was offered the Touch HD for £49.99 with 600 mins, unlimited texts & data for £32.50 or 1200 mins, 500 texts and unlimited data for £30; both on an 18 month contract .... As I really wanted a 12 month, I said I'd sleep on it and call back the next day.

...the next day

I decided to go for the £30 option and suffer the phone for a little longer (it better be good !!) so called 'O' back to do the deal....

Only to be told that the phone was now £65 and the lady in the retention team couldnt get the price any lower ... "Don't worry" she said .... "I will sort this out and call you back later today..."

...later that day

No call from 'O'

...the next day

I called 'O' to check that all was ok only to be told that "We received an email at 4:30 yesterday saying would can no longer discount the Touch HD and it will cost you £130 to upgrade" .... "We will not honour any previous offer made to you" ... "Those are our business rules"

Fired up internet explorer and went on to 'Os' upgrade site, there on my screen was the Touch HD for £49.99 (discounted by £80 by the web site auto calculations) on a Racoon 40 tarrif (1200 mins, 500 texts, unlimited data) for £40.

So I called them to ask about loyalty discount and was offered 10% off the tarrif straight away ... ok not as good as my original offer but the best I am going to get.

Order placed, order confirmation email received, sit back and look forward to the delivery............

.... Yesterday (Monday 15th)

I called 'O' to check on the status of my order (because my Credit Card had not yet been charged) only to be told "The Touch HD is out of stock, therefore your order will be cancelled" not held until stocks arrive, CANCELLED!!!

I have been a loyal customer for a lot of years and do not expect to be treated like this (even if I was a new customer) and am VERY angry, 'O' just simply do not care.

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