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Xperia on O2

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Hi All,

Having just (well, still fighting) with Three and their poor poor customer service and signal, I am getting another contract out. I have to within the next week or so, so I have ordered the X1 with the O2 contract (24 Month @ £30) through mobiles.co.uk but as I'm still waiting delivery (promised 24 hours, but been 4 days now!) I've discovered some bad comments regarding the O2 network.

I dont often use mobile data, but having only ever had a HTC Trinity in the past, only for a couple of months, before getting a three contract with 6500 slide, I've not really had this option, so not really used it. But I would like to start, even though I'll have to organise a bolt-on with O2 otherwise it'll start getting pricy, I dont know wether the O2 network is powerfull enough. I've been looking about and O2 seem to be the only network still using 900Mhz connections and have limited 1800Mhz Masts, but bugger all 2100/3G/HSDPA masts, I'm worried I wont even get the chance to use it anyway.

My 2 nearest masts are both 900Mhz, with T-Mob, Orange and 3 all having 1800-2100 Masts, yes, even Three has one nearby yet I still never get signal, sometimes I might scrape the odd bar, sometimes 2-3, but most of the time nothing, not even normal connections (It's very on and off even without moving it, but that's still in battle with Three over this!).

Anyway, In people's opinions should I send it back ASAP and look at Orange, even though they dont really have a contract deal to match. Can't afford much to pay out initially atm, money's a wee bit strapped etc.

Advice appreciated, looking forward going back to a WinMo device anywho :lol: ...

Cheers All,


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