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T-mobile G1 now available to buy

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T-mobile have finally made the G1 Smartphone available to buy online, in a choice of white or black colours.
This is the first phone featuring the Google Android operating system, and features a 3" 480x320 screen, GPS, BlueTooth, Wi-fi, 5 hour talk time, 130 hour standby time, microSDHC a 3.1mp camera, and various Google applications.

There are 2 price plans listed on their website for the phone.
Both plans are £40 / month for an 18month contract, and include a free G1, and web n' walk Plus.

They seem to differ on the texts/minutes combination:

Visit the T-Mobile website for details.

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Hey Gorskar, long time no see!

Picking one up then? ;)


I've been around... just quiet :lol:

I don't think I'll be getting one to be honest - £40 per month is just a little too expensive for my liking (and thats even assuming they allow me the upgrade)

Maybe if they offer me one for free on my current contract (£22.50 / month inc W&W) then I'd be tempted, but I can't see them doing that unless they are really wanting to shift them...

Think I'll be getting myself a shiny X1 instead :D

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