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Squealy screens? Possible fix.

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Since I bought my Black G1 (color is important on this one) I have had an issue where if I pressed in the lower right corner of the screen the phone would make a creaking/squeaking noise. After a little research and putting on a full body shield made by Zagg, I believe the problem is fixed.

Aparently this problem is isolated to the Black G1's. Most people believe it is the paint finish. People with the bronze finish do not have the same squeaky screen issue.

The noise seems to be coming from the lower side that touches the upper side of the trackball button area. If you look where the spring mechanism is you'll see what I mean.

I'm too lazy to post pics right now so when I get around to I will update this thread but for now just bare with the descriptions. :lol:

Several possible fixes are:

If you try any of these I am not responsible for anything that might happen.

1. Shaving off a little paint with an exacto knife. The specific area is on the screens lower bottom right corner next to the little cavity where the sliding spring mechanism is. You would only have to shave a little off on the outer most corner. Make sure it's on the side with the cavity.

2. Get a full body shield from Zagg.com. I put mine on last night because I'm not thrilled about taking an exacto knife to a brand new device. Anyway, the right side shield cutout actually covered the area you would shave off with an exacto. Thus no more squeaking noise. Plus the Zagg shield is very nice, well IMHO anyway. Maybe it's just me but my screen is a little more responsive with the Zagg shield then the ODM shield that came with the phone.

3. Get a Bronze G1. lol If you haven't gotten one yet go for this one. Eventually I expect to be picking up a white one when I can. . . maybe even just do a case swap later. :D

4. The last one is just leave it alone, I figure with more usage the piece itself will eventually wear thin anyway. So if this happens then the sqweak should naturally go away.

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