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Remove/hide/make transparent/change opacity of/ANYTHING the Start/task/tray/whatever bar in WM 6 standard

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I feel like I have been to the end of the Internet and back and nothing has helped me do this so this is pretty much my last resort. I'm running Windows Mobile 6 standard (no touch screen) on a Samsung Blackjack II. Is there ANY way at all to do something like this because so far it doesn't seem possible, as mind boggling as that is to me.

I want to be able to do this because I don't feel I need to see which soft key is the Start button and which is the Menu button (and have the bar needlessly take up 27!! lines of resolution on this already fairly small screen) and would much rather see more of my background image if I can. I'm pretty sure I know these keys by heart by now. I figured that since Windows XP could auto-hide the taskbar maybe Windows Mobile should be able to do this as well. Of course, like I said in the topic title, ANY solution that achieves this goal is welcome. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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