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WM6 powersaving issues while paired with Bluetooth carkit

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This is my first post here, so if i´m making newbie mistakes, please excuse me. B)

This topic is about the issues i am having with my I600 (running WM6) while it is paired with my carkit.

The carkit is a build in carkit from a volvo v50.

Basic functions like sync of addressbook, network strength and operator code is working.

However what is not working is the powersaving functions on the phone.

As soon as the device is paired the backlight stays on. This ofcourse drains the power dramatically.

when i unpair (shutting down bluetooth or switching off the car) the powersaving functions are restored.

I hope someone can confirm my problems, or even better might have a solution.



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Not a lot of traffic on this topic here (a lot of viewers though B) )

In any case i was searching a bit through the other forums.

It seems that a lot of samsung people owning a WM6 mobile have this issue.

someone found a program to gently push the mobile to switch off the screen.


I have not tried it yet, but i will keep the group posted if it works. B)

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Sadly enough the program mentioned earlier is not suitable for smartphones.

After some scanning on several websites i came across a program from these guys


I effectively turns off the screen (and keys)

Only drawback i have not figured out a way to turn it back on again.. B)

I raised a support question with edgeway to get this working.

If they respond positively then this should help us all.

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No luck with this program either....

the powerbutton should reactivate the screen again, however it doesn't.

So a question to anyone.

does anyone know of a utility which allows switch the screen off and back on by assigning a special key?

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