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Anti Virus on the X!

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Hi all,

I have finally aqcuired an X1 and what a beauty B)

However, i faintly remember that at some point in time Antivirus for samrtphones/PDA's was a much discussed topic. So my question is: are any of you guys running antivirus programs on your X1?

I have been looking a bit at Avast's mobile protection for WM6 - do any of you guys have any experience with this and will it slow down the performance of my X1? will it work with the X1 at all?

Opinions, experience and input are much appreciated.


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i have installed Sophos on my X1 and cant say there has been any noticable performace issues since having it installed. Also works a treat. I thought it be a good idea to have an antivirus installed as Im regulary surfing the net and emails on my handset.. Also with sophos you can turn off the on access scanning if you prefer and setup exclusions.. ot sure how much it cost as i got this using my work's account.

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As far as I am aware there are technically no actual virus around for the WM format (thankfully). Saying that, there are two rogue pieces of Java code that I know of that have the capabilities of being used in creating a virus that would work on the WM platform. Both of these come from Russia but have not been used as yet in anger.

Unlike Symbian which have had some nasty buggers for a few years now including ones that dial out premium numbers without the owner's knowledge.

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