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How to disable internet connection Q9h Silver from AT&T

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My phone is a Q9h Silver from AT&T with WM6.1. I loaded the various hacks to allow me to use Garmin Mobile XT. It works fine; however, it is constantly connecting to the internet. I can not afford a data plan at this time so I need to disable the Garmin connection to the internet. I went into the Garmin Online settings and disabled the connection there; however, it is still connecting. Some one recommended installing NoData. I did that but I get an error message when I try to run it. The details of the error message are quite lengthly. Should NoData run under WM6.1? If so, any ideas of what I am doing wrong? If NoData will not run under WM6.1, any ideas of how to solve my problem? I can not have AT&T put a block on the internet because I need it for MMS.

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