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Plus Partners: Welcome Vekoff s.r.o / FTouchSL

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I am delighted to welcome Vekoff s.r.o and their excellent FTouchSL product to our 'Plus Partners' program!

Vekoff are a company headquarted in the Czech Republic, in the beautiful city of Prague, that specialise in developing software for Windows Mobile. FTouchSL is their first major release to market.

If you have a HTC Pocket PC or a Samsung Omnia, you are familiar with the addons and improvements that OEMs have made to the Windows Mobile interface to improve touch friendliness. Both manufacturers have implemented features such as kinetic scrolling, but in both cases there is definitely room for improvement, and this is where FTouchSL comes in.


FTouchSL's many featues can be broken down into a number of areas...


With FTouchSL, take advantage of both simple and extended gestures for launching your favorite applications and executing commands.

Within active applications, you can use up to eight gestures to configure different actions. FTouchSL uses advanced overriding logic, making it possible to override settings for any active applications. For example, you can configure the “Left Slide” gesture to open your email Inbox, but once in the application, you can override setting so that the same gesture switches between email accounts or begin a new email. There are four simple and four extended gestures available for you to assign desired actions:

Simple Gestures

Down Slide, Up Slide, Left Slide, Right Slide

Extended gestures (new)

Down-Left Slide, Down-Right Slide, Up-Left Slide, Up-Right Slide,


Active Corners

In addition to eight Gestures, FTouchSL gives you the opportunity to configure four Active Corners for launchng applications and executing commands.

The same override logic can be applied to Active Corners as well. For example, you can launch your Calendar using the Bottom-Left corner, but once in the Calendar application, the same Active Corner can switch between days, weeks or months.

There are four Active Corners, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left and Bottom Right...


You can configure notifications that let you know when the action is confirmed once you hit an Active Corner. As with the Gestures, it is possible to customize the amount of time each corner must be pressed to execute a command.

Touch Scrolling

Lose the stylus and use any of your favorite fingers to do the walking. Touch Scrolling allows you to breeze through active applications, lists, photos and more. Just drag the contents of the open window in any direction that works.

Speed things up a bit with our Kinetic Scrolling function. Just begin scrolling and FTouchSL will follow the initial movement speed, slowing down gradually. Just tap the screen to stop scrolling.
You can even customize the speed and sensitivity of Kinetic Scrolling or disable it whenever you need.

FTouchSL also lets you get out the stylus again and quickly revert back to the “old days” with the Standard Behavior function.

Extended Features - Exclusion List
This function allows you to put any application on a customizable “exclusion list” on your device. This will override FTouchSL settings for Gestures, Active corners and Notifications and allow you to use application-specific configurations.

Complete exclude - When using writing applications like PhatPad or PicselBox, use this feature to turn of scrolling, launching and active corners for the application. FTouchSL will be completely disabled .

Disable scrolling - The feature can be used for applications like HTC Photo Album or PocketCM, which already support a touch interface.

Disable launching - If you’re scrolling a lot, use this feature to prevent unintentional gestures from executing commands.

Disable active corners - Turn off Active Corners for any application.
Extended Features - Disable when SIP is active

Disable FTouchSL while your Software Input Panel (SIP) is active, allowing for better handwriting and typing.

Extended Features - Disable TouchFLO

For HTC devices featuring TouchFLO™, quickly disable this in favor of FTouchSL’s configurable, kinetic scrolling features.

Extended Features - Export / Import

You can use FTouchSL’s configuration utility to export all your customized settings into a single file and import previously-saved settings from older versions of FTouchSL.


FTouchSL allows extended actions to be executed using Plug-ins implementing these actions.

There are two plug-ins available at the moment:

The "System Actions" plug-in supports the following actions:

Minimize Close Today Suspend Soft-Reset Rotate screen Rotate screen left Rotate screen right Toggle sound profile Increase volume Decrease volume Increase brightness Decrease brightness Lock screen Lock device Toggle flight mode Toggle phone Toggle Bluetooth Toggle Wi-Fi Disconnect data E-mail inbox SMS inbox MMS inbox New E-mail New SMS New MMS Task Manager Power Off device Calls history
The "Task Switcher"(new) plug-in allows you to easily switch between active application. You can simply assign Gestures to logically replace "forward" and "back" commands.

With the 'Launch Application' action you can launch an application, open a shortcut or file (xls, doc, swf etc.). For example, you can launch "Calculator" application with Up Slide gesture.

With the 'Emulate Key Press' action you can emulate hardware key presses. For example, an Email application may use the left and right buttons on the device to switch between email accounts. You can configure the "Left Slide" Gesture to emulate this action.

Nice eh? B) FTouchSL is (IMHO) a must-have addition to any Pocket PC device from any manufacturer, hence i'm very excited to have Vekoff s.r.o. on board as a Plus Partner.

You can read more about the application on the FTouchSL page, where a limited functionality trial of the 10 euro application is also available. MoDaCo Plus members, check out your dedicated area for YET ANOTHER great benefit B)



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Good to hear there is some more stuff going on with Plus. Very good news!



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