Flashing ROM - "Incorrect software version!" tutorial

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qsseremban, you asked a question and you got a reply.

since your activesync isn't working there's nothing else you can do other than take it back.

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Hello friends. I have a big problem. I have currently on my omnia i900 a cooked rom windows mobile 6.5, and I want to change to an official rom 6.1. I am in Portugal and I want to put the rom XCHJ2. The cooked rom is DXIF1. As much as I try I can't go back to official always gives me the error incorrect software version, someone can help me, a tutorial was very welcome. A how to will be great, "from DXIF1 to XCHJ2"

My cooked rom is from sector & khuanchai 20 September 2009 - Omnia ROM base DXIF1 build 23053 UltraLite with BT-audio fix

- WM 6.5 build 23053

- Omnia OEM DXIF1

- UltraLite ROM

My phone details:



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Hallo everybody!!! Please help me??? I don`t understand how to change my version to DXHJ1.

My version:


Phone: i900XXIB2

Contents: i900XXIIb3

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AHHHH nothing is working for me, I have downloaded loads of files and still no luck.... PLEASE help me

My Samsung is running in French, I dont know french, the version number is PDA: i900XHHH6/XHHH4


Can someone help me, I want to make it so its in English, im desperate to get this phone working.

Please e-mail me with step by step and the links to or files I need, I would be very grateful if someone could help me

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can some one give me some support.

Im trying te reflash from shokka v23 to original dutch firmware. Changed the version in register to xkhh3 , hexedit the update exe. but no luck. what am i doing wrong

pda: i900DXID1

phone I900XXHI4

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I have


Phone: i900USTII

and my battery last for 1 day 2day on minimum!

How can I, and what to do, to have a longer battery time! and can i have version XDHH1 ( for croatian ) but to have an windows update becouse he always tell me that there is no need for update or there is no new update awailable.

I am a NooB


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Hi need help

pda: i900DXlD1/DXID1

phone :i900XXHH9

i bought this mobile in germany last year and updatet to Anzo Romárium version 23088 ClassicTitanium+M2D

its now in english language

i want to change to nordic(scandinavian) language

tell me how to do it?

what about the update phone part? do i need to do update it and where can i find official update?

how about to update pda version?

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I have 2 Omnia´s, 2 different results to the location change:

Omnia 1: 16gig, version MSHJ1 - *#1546792*#takes me to the Administration screen where I can change the location. I am happy with MSHJ1 so will leave that alone

Omnia 2: 8gig from T-Mobile, version BOHH5 *#1546792*# does nothing. I want rid of BOHH5 on this one. Flashing my unbranded Omnia was straightforward.

Does anybody know of any ROMS which will work from BOHH5 without changing location to Singapore?

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Hi I have omnia version: i900XGIC3/AOIC2 (its O2)

it is in german i am trying to change it to english....

When i do *#1546792*# i can see only Default, Germany, UK prepaid, UK postpaid and Czecho

I dont know which one i pick and which ROm i download so that i flash it!

Please tell me which one country i put and which rom i download!and what i need to do after that to make sure i have english and i dont want to face invalid version while updating


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"change HKCU\Control Panel\Version\CustomVersion"

I have uploaded RegistryEdit to my phone, but I cant seem to get it working...

I only have the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER (and three others),

but I can't access them...

I Tried opening them, but no data are found in them...

WHat seems to be the problem?

Help please!


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need some help doing this please peeps, as trying to downgrade from a custom wm6.5 to official samsung 6.1 firmware, is an english (UK) phone so i assume i dont need to "pre-configure" as is already set to uk.. btw i have the 8GB version of the omnnia

phone versions are as follows

PDA: i900JCIC1/28205


downloaded from samsung site




to access the update..

Edited by SPH-i900

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didn't see the update.exe on the temp folder though i run the updater.

I'm working on vista and my updater is vista.

After hours of searching trough the internet i managed to figure out how to flash any ROM from Samsung official website http://www.samsungmobile.com/support/omnia/index.jsp

One week ago i flashed my Omnia to DXHJ1 (main benefit is the battery lifetime - 4 days using only phone vs. 2 days on XXHI1), yesterday i found the new ROM for UK MSHJ1 and i was curious about the changes so I've decided to try it.

How to solve "Incorrect software version!"

First check ROM version, you'll need it later (To find your Omnia version, please click Start arrow_ver.gifSettings arrow_ver.gifSystem tab arrow_ver.gif Your version of Omnia menu. )

My first ROM was: PDA : i900XXHI1/XFHI1 - PHONE i900XXHH9

Second: PDA : i900DXHJ1/DXHJ1 - PHONE i900DXHJ1

Third: PDA : i900XXHJ4/MSHJ1 - PHONE i900XXHI5

What i did to change it from DXHJ1/DXHJ1 to XXHJ4/MSHJ1:

1. Change the phone to UK (thanks to Paul's post - http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-omnia-r...re-version-fix/ )

  • Press the 'dial' key to the left of the optical pad to bring up the dialer
  • With the onscreen keypad input *#1546792*#
  • Select 'Preconfiguration'
  • Enter code *#81230*# and select OK
  • Select 'UK', with the default Operator
  • Run update, and all should be well.

2. Change the version in the phone's registry (from DXHJ1 to XXHG1 - to be inferior to XXHJ1, otherwise you'll get ".. already the latest version ..." message)

- upload regedit.exe to phone

- change HKCU\Control Panel\Version\CustomVersion from DXHJ1 to XXHG1

3. Execute the update file taken form Samsung and leave it open, then browse to "C:\Documents and Settings\<your account name>\Local Settings\Temp\IXP000.TMP\" and copy UPDATE.exe to Desktop.

4. Hex edit UPDATE.exe. (i've used xvi32)

- open file in editor

- scroll to the end of file

- search up (or from end) for i900XX

- change the second result to i900DX

- save and exit

5. Flash the phone using hex edited UPDATE.exe :lol: .

6. Change back to your country. (see step 1).



I used this method to go back to DXHJ1 because i didn't like the UK version (Network cannot be dragged to widget's bar, Opera build was older).

Flashing may kill the phone. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

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