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Sony X1 screen leakage

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Hi all

To Those that have X1. Have you noticed a small bit of screen leakage on the far right of your screen or other areas, to notice it you would have to be in a dark room and activate the camera or activate panels and look closely at the corners of the screen for screen leakage.

Mine has a little on the right side, others are reporting all four corners

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i hear you...i have the same problem too.

mine is leaking on top right of the screen, and i've only had my phone for two weeks.

i went back to sony ericsson center where i got it from, and they said that i was the first one to report on this case,therefore they haven't got any clue what the problem was. All they say was that it was just the backlight, while im sure it isn't.

go search the xda developer forum, they have a thread for it. It seems that a lot of people are having the same problem too, and it seems that some O2 device made by HTC also experiencing the same probs.

not happy :)

this thing is supposed to be premium priced, yet we still have this kind of problem.

sorry for my bad english, im from indonesia

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