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ActiveSync lost all my contacts

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My Windows mobile had all my contacts on it's an E650.

Last time I used ActiveSync I managed to lose them all however once again I had a need to sync the phone with my PC.

I started out by deleting the relationship my PC did have with the phone. I also installed the latest version of ActiveSync.

The PC had no contacts on Outlook as I deleted them all (out of date as I keep adding to the phone)

I checked settings in ActiveSync before starting and set it to update desktop if any conflicts with device. Thinking it would place all the info from the device onto the PC, however it has wiped the contents of the phone and outlook is still blank too!

I did check the net before hand as I have had issues with this before and it said to back up the pim.vol file before doing anything so I did and copied it to the PC.

Once it predictably wiped the phone I thought that's ok I have a back up.

Renamed the pim.vol file on the phone and dumped the old supposedly contact full pim.vol file back on.

Soft reset as instructed and.......... still no contacts B)

FFS what am I doing wrong? can I get them back? Please help me B)

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