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Epix and goodlink not happily married?

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My employer recently gave me an Epix, and we run Goodlink on all our phones for email/calendar etc.

My opinion: Epix is lousy. It has a reasonably fast processor. It has some useless features, e.g. WiFi and GPS. And the finger mouse is a terrible idea, or at least it would be nice if they also included a real dpad and a scroll wheel. Windows Mobile 6.1 is horrible, they haven't added anything useful in the 6 years I've been messing with WM technology.

Problem: It seems Goodlink and WM6.1 and Epix combined do not play very well together. For example, the sms and phone apps don't seem to know about the contact list in goodlink, so when i receive a text, or try to dial by name, it doesnt know anyone's names, just their numbers. insane.

Anyone else seeing this problem?

Other problem: It seems there is no good way to lock the phone while it is in my pocket, or while on a call-- in both cases, either my pants or my ear seem to be pressing buttons and causing all sorts of havoc.

Anyone else seeing that problem?

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