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HTC Touch Today Screen Issues

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Hello. I'm having some issues with my HTC Touch's today screen. Recently I downloaded Manila 2D(update 19) onto the device. It was hard getting it on because of lack of memory, so a few components (like Google Maps) I left out of the installation. I liked it, but it took up too much memory, so I uninstalled it. After it finished, I got an alert stating that not all of the components could be removed, but it was taken off the programs list.

Now, I access my list of items to appear on my Today screen, and TouchFlo is still there, but does not work. HTC Home is there as well, but when I check it off on the list, nothing shows up. It is dreadful looking without HTC Home, and I was hoping I don't have to completely reset my phone's memory.

Any advice?

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To uninstall any components on Manila 2D, it's always advisable to disable the it in 'Start' > 'Settings' > 'Today' before uninstalling any components like Audio Manager 2.0 and Google maps.

All these items have their own tabs in M2D, so the files needed are 'locked', therefore, your system weren't able to remove those locked files.

Run M2D Customizer to remove the tabs that you are not using, then disable the today plugin (method stated above). Removed the program and reboot.

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