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I907 Epix - Xtra?

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Xtra isn't included. I tried copying software and whatever registry settings I could from the I900 but it doesn't seem to connect.

They seem to have the same hardware for GPS.

I think that Xtra is removed by AT&T.

What servers do people have listed in their GPS Registry settings? OR what shows up as the Url when you call gpstest.exe from the windows directory.

For omnia: test.agps.com:7275

For Epix: (looks suspicious as this isn't an external Url. I am not sure if this is used at all as there isn't a built in Xtra setting on my phone)

Neither seems to works with the gps_xtra.exe.

My GPS does work, but slower than it does on the Omnia.

I did find an App: seaSgee.exe which seemed to download successfully, but I have no idea if the data gets used or where it downloads data from.

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