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Ruuubbbbbbish Camera

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only got my hands on this phone 2 weeks ago, loving it, sold my samsung omina for it (completely worth the swap) however the camera is pants!

Just mine or is everyone finding it slow to respond and you have to hold it stiller than a big bag of wax works before it takes the shot?

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You swapped from a Omnia to a Polaris? :rolleyes:


Yep, found the onima 'clunky' even with a 'lite' flashed rom everything seemed to be an issue to do, prime example 'tomtom7' why do you need a 3rd party app to get the on board gps to work with it. I got igo8 to work, but even then you had to edit settings to fit the screen. Again with M2D, you had to find custom skins to get it too work, which in the end didn't matter because i use winterface now. But after owning 'htc tytn II, Htc touch' i just found the samsung lacking, design floors like not having an on board stylus?? Much happier now!!


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