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Control Volume via vb.net

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Hey Everyone,

Hope you can help me. I am writing a vb.net program that (hopefully) controls the level of both the handset and ring volume of my Omnia, I have completed the code to read/write to registry, the issue now is finding the right keys to do the job...listed below is what I have found so far.

Unfortunately editing these values below does not change the actual sound level, from what I can tell they are for status only. I currently use these keys to display current levels in my program:


- Ringer (ring)

- Volume (handset)

Now, this key below solves half the issue, changing InitVol does change the level of the ring volume which is great but I still need to find the key for the handset volume...


- InitVol

Looked everywhere on the net and searched this forum and others and I just keep going around in circles!!!

Thanks a lot!

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I had the same problem with my phone but I figured out a solution. You need to change the "script" value under:




For my "Normal" profile the script is: "apw3r"

For my "Vibrate" profile the script is: "av3w3r"

Change ringtone/vibrate/LED flash characteristics

If you would like more control over how your device rings/vibrates/flashes its LEDs on events, you can can change the Script values of these events. For example, for an incoming call performing 'activate device, play ringtone, wait 3 seconds, repeat':

HKCU\ControlPanel\Sounds\RingTone0\Script = "apw3r" (REG_SZ string, no quotes)

For performing 'active device, set volume to 33%, play ringtone, set volume to 67%, play ringtone, set volume to 100%, play ringtone (no repeat)':

HKCU\ControlPanel\Sounds\RingTone0\Script = "ac33pc67pc100p" (REG_SZ string, no quotes)

The following are the full codes available to you. Please note that all the codes are executed simultaneously except after a ringtone play / wait code. E.g. 'v1p' will vibrate and play at the same time, while vibrating for 1 second. But 'pv1' will play the ringtone through all the way first, then start vibrating for 1 second.

a = activate device

cN = set volume to N in percentage max volume

fN = flash notification LED for N seconds

p = play ringtone. Note that this will play the ringtone all the way through before continuing with the next code.

r = repeat. Note that this should be the last code in your Script string, if used at all.

vN = vibrate for N seconds

wN = wait for N seconds. Note that the device will wait this long before continuing with the next code.

Taken from Registry Hacks

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