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Different Radio on Niki100

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Frankly, I am not feeling very happy about the battery life on my niki.

My niki is using the Singtel ROM (Carrier ROM; with radio 1.65) from HTC Asia site, with Manila 2D running.

A night's standby, without touching the phone would take away let's say about 5% to 6% of battery life on a 7-8 hours duration.

Another 14% will be used for playing music with S2U2 (with ilock2.exe 1.01; on to and fro trip).

Adding on top, SMS here and there, occasional phone call will leave me with 54% when I reach home.

I turned off the radio last night, and woke up 6 hours later, only to find that 2% of battery power has been consumed for 6 hours.

Therefore, it leads me to conclude that 1.65 Radio, though it's better, but the battery consumption rate is high.

Would I be able to flash a Neon's 1.58 Radio and use it on my niki100 ?

Please advise. (XDA is down, it's not possible for me to check there right now)

Thanks in advance.

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