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Moto Q9h - SMS Problem (Slow)

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Hi! I have been having my Q9h for a year and I have sms'ed over 8600 sms (inbox) and 10,000 (outbox). I have found that now, there are some problems. Opening an sms takes very long, deleting takes a long time and sending an sms takes forever (the windows logo shows up spinning). Sometimes it take so long, I decide to 'KILL' the process. And this has been happening very often now. I tried to delete all my other email accounts (Yahoo, gmail etc.) the problem went away, but now it is back. It's frustrating!

I checked my memory:

Device Storage: 132MB; Used: 98.88MB; Free: 33.18MB

Card Storage: 1.86GB; Used: 1.7GB; Free: 150.6MB

Ram Storage: 66MB; Used: 48MB; Free: 18MB

Do you guys have this problem?



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