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SmartTouch Mobile (Smartphone)

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File Name: SmartTouch Mobile (Smartphone)

File Submitter: SmartTouch

File Submitted: 24 Dec 2008

File Updated: 14 May 2009

File Category: Tools - Fun

SmartTouch mobile apps gives you FREE, fast, easy access to Facebook, Google, Amazon and other favorites, all through texting. No data plan required. Our simple scroll-and-click text messaging system shortcuts the cost and hassle of data plans so you can get what you want, when you want. Download over-the-air right to your phone at www.smarttouchmobileinc.com!



SmartTouch Mobile works for Windows Mobile 6.0 (non-touchscreen) in the USA.



For Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional (touchscreen) in the USA, download here:



Click here to download this file

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