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Use diamond as Modem on Linux Laptop

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I know its designed for Windows etc but I just want to use the 3G connection on the Diamond to connect my new EEE PC Linux Netbook to the internet when I dont have WIFI access.

The bluetooth Manager on the linux dist sees the phone and even recognises Dial Up networking as a service on the phone but no matter what I try it always drops the connection before it even establishes.

I read somewhere that the Internet Sharing App on the phone installs something called Bluetooth PAN on windows PCs. Is this why it doesnt work? Is there any way to get my Diamond to act as a modem for my linux laptop? Appreciate advice from anyone who has had success on this front.


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I was looking into this too. I think trying to do it over bluetooth is a bit ambitious...but it's apparently possible via usb.

(Goes and finds the site)

..right, this is the one I've found...you might need to do the thing it mentions at the very end of the first post in big letters (the CLICK HERE IF YOU HAVE A TOUCH DIAMOND bit).

I haven't tried this...I just stumbled across it and bookmarked it for a rainy (and non-busy) day. Let me (and everyone else, I guess) know how you get on - I'd be interested to know!

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Not sure how this works on Linux, but I use my diamond with my windows laptops all the time for internet connection sharing over bluetooth, and I'd expect it to be platform agnostic.

When you set up internet connection sharing on the phone, choose bluetooth. This creates a 'Personal Area Network' (PAN) which any bluetooth device should be able to connect to once they're paired. The laptop sees the PAN just like a WiFi network, (just using bluetooth). To do this on Windows I right click the bluetooth icon in the task bar and select 'connect to PAN'. I assume there'd be something similar in Linux.

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