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Elecont Quick Desktop released by Elecont Software

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Microsoft has invented wonderful conception of Home/Today screen for Windows Mobile devices. Elecont Quick Desktop extends this idea with three new features: contacts with ability to make phone calls and SMS; applications, web sites or documents with ability to start them; the bar with running applications with ability to switch between them.


Using Elecont Quick Desktop you're working with your Windows Mobile device in the similar way to Windows desktop. Now you can place on Today(Home) screen your favourite applications or documents and start them by touching the icon, or contacts and make calls or start SMS only in one touch. Using task manager you can always control which of applications are running now and how much of your phone resources are currently in use. Also you can switch between applications or close them in order to free some resources.

Despite of rich functionality the product has got the name "Quick" because of its high speed and small resource usage. Every feature has a rich set of options at the same time all of them are easy in use.

Optimized for gesture. More details see at http://www.elecont.com

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Elecont Software released a new version of Elecont Resource Manager with Alt+Tab

The new version adds the unique feature for switching between programs in the way similar to Alt+Tab on Windows systems. You may assign a hardware button and switch the programs just pressing this button.

Elecont Resource Manager make the working on communicator as easy as on the computer.

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