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email for omnia

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hey guys i have been hitting my head against a brick wall i have had to download the orange wap and mms settings from the samsung web site as after hard resetting i could not connect to the wap gprs this is now working


when i now try and connect to my yahoo account i get the following message

"error synchronizing" "cannot connect with current connection settings. to change you connection settings, tap settings"

i have tried setting up the connection from the orange website for manual settings but still no joy i have check my yahoo account and

my pop 3 are all set up

any help would be warmly accepted

cheers in advance

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Hi there, this is the Blackstone forum.

Pop on over to the Omnia one, where someone may have already encountered this problem and found a solution.

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just a quick update i resolved this issue

i had to change the access point in the setting for this email account from my internet to my wap connection and this resolved the issue

how this helps anyone else

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