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can someone recompile a c++ dll to CF

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The main thread for the dll in question, thanks very much to moeur for the great dll!


Basically this is a 'hooking' dll. There is the c++ dll that is injected into the VB application. However, I'm trying to make it run on a Windows Mobile device, with the compact framework 3.5...with no success.. I've managed to modify the VB part but with my limited knowledge in C I was unsuccessful in recompiling the dll for the compact framework. I know that the functions SendMessage and SetWindowsHookEx exist in the CF (even if not documented), so it should be possible to make the project run in CF.

Can someone with C++ knowledge help me recompile the dll for the Compact Framework 3.5, please.

I've attached the HookDll.zip (that is the dll to be recompiled) and the HookControl.zip (witch includes the VB part, should someone care to take a look)



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