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Upgrading advice wanted.

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I'm due an upgrade with Vodafone shortly and I want to stay with them, as I have a good package.

The thing is, they don't have much in the way of smartphones at the moment, so I'm looking at either the Diamond, the Omnia or the Experia.

I've seen a lot of problems reported on here (battery life etc.) regarding the Diamond.

A colleague at work says that the Omnia has a lot of problems (locking up).

I haven't heard anything about the Experia.

So, my question is, is the Diamond worth getting now?

If not, has anyone any experience with the others ?

Or, has Voadafone got another smartphone that I haven't spotted ?



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From my perspective, the battery life isn't must worse than any other mobile i've had. Then again i'm not a heavy user of my mobile. As long as the firmware is a recent one (the original one T-Mobile had was awful for battery life), the battery life seems good to me (3 or 4 days of little use, 2 days of moderate use).

I love the size / functionality of the Diamond. I had an older HTC phone (Wizard) that I loved, but it was too big for my pocket. I had a SE w810i for a while and when the Diamond came out I saw that the Diamond was roughly half the thickness and marginally wider. I was sold as soon as I handled a Diamond!

I use mine roughly 5% music, 20% calls, 30% SMS and 45% email and find it perfectly fine for each.

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