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Hi there. I've just released an application to browse and stream content from the BBC's iPlayer. I've released it over on xda-developers but still have love for my old MoDaCo chums!



- Finger friendly UI including flick kinetic scrolling, swipe gestures and vibration feedback.

- Supports Nav Sensor and Stylus Removal (thanks koush)!

- Higher quality video/audio than Samsung User Agent hack (483x272 h.264 video stream).

- Browse content by Highlights, Popular, Channel, Category or Date.

- Search for content and save history.

- Checks for latest version of player and AppToDate support.

- Downloads video to device for later viewing (I download at home over wifi and then watch videos on the tube on the way to work).

- Video launched in your default player associated with '.mov' files (I use CorePlayer).

To keep discussions in one place please download and/or comment over at xda. Thanks!

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