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T-Mobile Vario IV Flashing LEDs

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Hi all,

I've just got my shiny new T-Mobile MDA Vario IV (or at least shiny until the minute I removed it from the box!) and apart from the horrid T-Mobile customisation I'm pleased with it.

All the other Pocket PCs I have owned including my outgoing Vario III had flashing LEDs near or within the handset earpiece indicating phone reception, bluetooth, GPS use, messages etc. There appears to be an LED placed within the Vario IV's earpiece, but it doesn't flash at all, I only get the indications from the scroll pad.

Can other Vario IV owners confirm that theirs is the same? Or have I got a faulty unit? How about the HTC Touch Pro, is this the same? Maybe it's all to do with the T-Mobile ROM.


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