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maxycy    0

Sorry to all for the long absence. I've been spending quite a bit of time getting my app up. Max TF3D Theme Maker Version 3.1 is now up and available for download on first post link. Check it out. :excl:

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Thanks for this great work.

However, I got a little problem with the sound control.

When I push the left buttons, I still can set the volume, but I don't have anything else but the vibrate and silent button.

any idea on how to solve this problem?


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Well i was installed the and then the TagHauer AClock from first page in my HD with "Black Pearl V3 GR Full Topaz 1.56.405.1" ROM and i got a result like sca in page 12, post#228 (see here). I was use that clock with the official ROM "1.56.401.0" for a long time with no problems.

After this problem i was tried to use Diamond TF3D Config program witch also was working fine before. But now it doesn't work. So i was made i .......hard reset!

My question is if there any chance to make it work with Topaz 1.56.401 because i love it.

Thanks maxycy

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noarre    0

Hello everybody, :)

I've a big problem on MaxTTM on my touch pro 2.When i install a Clock layout , the Call History menu ("Appels" on my french Phone) on my Home become " 0 Missed Calls " ( Link in the bottom )); :mad:

Then If someone have already knwon this bug or if someone else know how to solve this bug, Give the solution please, Thanks. (before ) (after)



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Z80_Man    0


I've found the reason for the problem, along with the solution.

It's a default mesage that is only displayed after a system restart and that would disappear once you miss a call, as it will then be correctly replaced with another message from a .040c.mui file (french localization).

That's why the "0 Missed Calls" message seems to appear at random to most users. Actually, it will always reappear after a soft reset, for instance.

The problem is that most themes come from WWE ROMs, sot they default in english.

But i've found how to use any clock or any theme using them (it's actually linked to a M9 coded Manila clock file).

All you have to do is just import and modify the 1c684cd8_manila file (from \Windows directory) with an hex editor, or use the big artillery method, installing M9 Editor on your PC.

The method using M9 Editor is explained here by a friend (in french, lucky you :angry:) :

To find out where the problem was, I just used my favorite (and free) hexadecimal editor (Hexedit.exe). All I had to do was to initiate an Unicode string search for "0 Missed Calls", which I replaced by "Appels" (not forgotting to respect the null (00) values between each ASCII character, as Unicode uses 2 bytes for each letter) followed by null values to replace the end of the english term, that is a bit longer.

As an example here is the first clock I modified this way. It includes a glossy black analog clock extracted from Gzregorz "Dusk" them, plus all 3 transparent curtains on the Home tab and extended dynamic appointments (more than only 1) :

Have fun ! :D

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