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mda vario ii 8gb mem card sdhc

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Hello i am fairly new to forums and the like. I have a vario 2 with wm6 employed. Looking on the internet i came across a lot of pointers as to the issue concerning sdhc cards and the vario 2. Most websites i viewed state that the maximum capacity for these phones is indeed 2gb period..... well slightly confused.

I bought an LG cookie am sorry guys/gals just so that i could have an MP3 player to use at work i rejected my ppc because all else info stated 2gb max. the LG was crap that went back but i still had the card, the next step was an samsung tocco what a mistake. No doc viewer and non existent 3rd party apps which is what am all about are we not all. That went back, then i got a nokia n95 8gb twas good for all but a day. apps were crap music player very low volume, you see i was spoiled by the likes of tcmp player on my vario. that went back so did the nokia 5800 music express same low volume crap. So yesterday without thinking i went and bought a sansa am getting there, accepts sdhc cards and vol is loud okay so far so good now back from work while playing with my ppc and throttle launcher crashed my handset so i took 2gb mem card out deleted files and thought to myself i wonder if my 8gb will work in it

GUESS WHAT IT WORKS OMG 8gb in my vario 2. i am so happy tears run down me face. now indeed i have a very powerfull device what with my ebooks, numerous apps etc. defo a ipod killer for sure...

Only problem now is what excuse do i use when i bring the old sansa back to currys.. tee hee

Final note the experience i had with the nokias put me of symbian for life.. rock on windows mobile rock on

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Yes, I've noticed to that the 8Gb SDHC works. A bit late for me but good news for all that still use the VarioII.

I've been using my T-Mobile VarioII for TomTom navigation as well. I always thought (just like you) that a 2Gb MicroSD card was the limit for the VarioII. Since my Vario II slowed down to much using TomTom's "Western Europe" card I've been using a couple of 2gb cards to store the 4 cards I reguarly use. Switching cards annoyed me, but it worked.

Tomorrow I will be buying a HTC TyTII that can process the Western Europe card, so in advance I'd bought already a Sandisk 8Gb MicroSDHC to use with the TytNII. A month ago I decided to try this card in my VarioII and it worked like a charm!!

I have TomTom 6 installed on the Phone and separate cards for Benelux, Germany and Austria, France and Enland and Ireland on the 8Gb SDHC card. Lots of space left for other applications and MP3 :D

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