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The Samsung i600/Blackjack working games list

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Right then, after having tried far too many games with dubious claims of QVGA compatibility that don't actually work properly on the i600, I'm starting a thread here specifically for native Windows Mobile Smartphone games that *do* work in QVGA landscape mode on a Samsung i600/Blackjack running WM5.

I've limited this to just native Windows Mobile Smartphone games that are advertised as WM5 QVGA compatible, so please post your contributions here and lets make this the definitive list of working QVGA landscape games for the i600/Blackjack.

I'll edit this list with new titles as and when I get round to trying them, just check the edit date below to see when the list was last updated.


  • Astraware Bejeweled
  • Astraware Bejeweled 2
  • Astraware Boardgames
  • Astraware Bookworm Deluxe
  • Astraware Bubble Babble
  • Astraware Bubble Shuffle
  • Astraware Casino
  • Astraware Glyph
  • Astraware Hexic
  • Astraware Insaniquarium Deluxe
  • Astraware Mozaki
  • Astraware My Little Tank
  • Astraware Solitaire
  • Astraware Sudoku
  • Astraware Tetris
  • Astraware Titanic
  • Astraware Tradewinds 2
  • Astraware Westward
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Brutal Wars
  • Chess Genius
  • Civilization IV
  • Dungeon & Hero
  • EA Mobile Blastdown
  • EA Mobile Cluedo
  • EA Mobile Need For Speed Undercover
  • EA Mobile Scrabble
  • EA Mobile Sim City Societies
  • EA Mobile Tetris Pop
  • EA Mobile The Game Of Life
  • EA Mobile The Sims Bowling
  • EA Mobile The Sims Pool
  • EA Mobile Yahtzee Adventures
  • Elements Interactive Blazar
  • Elements Interactive Flurkies
  • Elements Interactive Li-Nuggz
  • Elements Interactive Quartz 2
  • Elements Interactive S-Tris 2 (free puzzle game)
  • Elements Interactive Snowed In 7 (free puzzle game)
  • Firehawk
  • FruitsDay (free arcade game)
  • Gameloft Gangstar 2
  • Gameloft NBA Pro Basketball 2009
  • Glu Mobile Age of Empires III
  • Glu Mobile Diner Dash 2
  • Glu Mobile Family Guy Uncensored
  • Glu Mobile Madagascar 2
  • Glu Mobile Project Gotham Racing
  • HeroCraft Ball Rush Aqua (controls are inverted for portrait but can be changed)
  • HeroCraft Robo (controls are inverted for portrait but can be changed)
  • Jewel Quest Solitaire
  • Kevtris 2 (free puzzle game, landscape 240 x 240)
  • Magmic Guitar Hero III
  • Magmic Ka-Glom
  • Manbolo Magic Bubble (free puzzle game)
  • Masterkick
  • Momentum Games Pocket Mini Golf 2
  • OmniG Monster Truck
  • OmniG Snow Rally City Stage
  • Resco Defender
  • Resco Diamonds
  • Resco Sokoban
  • RESETgame Tank Ace 1944
  • RESETgame Game Vegas Pool Sharks
  • SPV Brain Evolution
  • SPV Duke 3D
  • Samulos (free puzzle game)
  • South Park
  • Tilelander
  • Towers Trap
  • Virtual Pool
  • Wimbledon 2009


    • Age of Empires II (homescreen offset after playing)
    • Animals Of Mass Destruction (homescreen offset after playing)
    • Archibald's Adventures v1.03 (controls are inverted for portrait)
    • Arvale 2 Ocean Of Time (homescreen offset after playing)
    • Astraware Big Box of Blox v1.01 (messed up graphics)
    • Astraware Click Deluxe 2 v1.03 (QVGA portrait only, messed up graphics)
    • Astraware Golden Skull v1.11 (QVGA portrait only, messed up graphics)
    • Astraware GTS World Racing v1.00.02 (homescreen offset after playing)
    • Astraware Platypus v1.0 (homescreen offset after playing)
    • Astraware Traffic Jam 2 v1.0 (QVGA portrait only)
    • Atomic Cannon v3.0 (homescreen offset after playing)
    • Capcom Interactive Dead Rising (no music although midi files in directory work fine in WMP)
    • Capcom Interactive Street Fighter 2 CE (no music although midi files in directory work fine in WMP)
    • EA Mobile FIFA 09 v35.0.94 (QVGA portrait only)
    • EA Mobile The Sims 2 v1.0.11 (doesn't start)
    • EA Mobile Trivial Pursuit v1.44.0 (doesn't start)
    • Flux Challenge (cannot start in QVGA landscape, homescreen offset after starting)
    • Greedy Penguins (QVGA portrait only)
    • HeroCraft Arcade Park v1.3 (homescreen offset after playing)
    • HeroCraft Arcade Park v1.5 (QVGA portrait only)
    • HeroCraft Arcades n' Beauties v1.4 (homescreen offset after playing)
    • HeroCraft Happy Lines v1.1 (homescreen offset after playing)
    • HeroCraft Revival v1.0 (homescreen offset after playing)
    • HeroCraft Snow Lines v1.1 (homescreen offset after playing)
    • HeroCraft Stolen In 60 Seconds v1.0 (homescreen offset after playing)
    • K-Rally (QVGA portrait only)
    • Konami Dance Dance Revolution v1.0.9 (no music although MP3 files in directory work fine in WMP)
    • Machine At War (homescreen offset after playing)
    • Marble Worlds (messed up graphics, homescreen offset after starting)
    • Micropool SP (QVGA portrait only)
    • OmniG 3D Chopper Flight v1.1 (cannot start in QVGA landscape)
    • Real Football 2009 (cannot start in QVGA landscape)
    • Raging Thunder (QVGA portrait only)
    • Sensible Sudoku 2 v2.0 (homescreen offset after playing)
    • SPVMan (blank screen, crashes device and requires battery pull to restart)
    • Skyforce v1.22 (QVGA portrait only)
    • Skyforce Reloaded (cannot start in QVGA landscape, homescreen offset after starting)
    • Traffic Mania (cannot start in QVGA landscape)
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Looks like the i600 doesn't have clean hardware support for midi which is why games from Konami and Capcom that have midi files don't have any sound although the games play just fine. Strange though as the same midi files work under Pocket WMP.

That's hardware limitation no. 3 that Samsung has messed up with this handset :D

  • No cell location broadcast (for Google Maps)
  • Sound emulation for Java MIDlet manages screwed up
  • Midi support screwed up (at least for games)

And don't even mention the useless proprietary non-USB connector :angry:

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