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Ken Long

Unlocking my Kaiser

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A friend has just upgraded his company's phones to HTC Touch HDs, which he loves, and as a consequence has given me a Kaiser on Orange. I want to unlock the phone in order to use my T-Mobile sim. Has anyone experience of using htcunlock.net? Is it as simple as putting in the t-mobile sim and punching in an unlock code? I have seen the topic about flashing the rom, or ramming the flash, or whatever, but I'm really not that confident about that sort of thing so would really like an easy solution! Any help/advice very gratefully received.

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All unlocked now, but I have another query!

If I try to connect to the internet the phone tries to use an Orange connection, of which there now is none. How can I get it to use the t-mobile connection?

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Forget cabs, I've done this so often in the last few days that I've got it memorised.

The T-Mobile internet settings are as follows:

Modem is Cellular Line (GPRS, 3G)

Access point name is general.t-mobile.uk

Username is user

Password is one2one

Use the server-assigned IP and don't use a proxy (the last auto-configure I tried set up a proxy and that prevented ActiveSync to Google from working)

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