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FTouchSL 2.10 released!

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FTouchSL 2.10 released!

I am proud to annouce a new release of FTouchSL, version 2.10. Users of previous versions can get a free upgrade to 2.10, which has the following updates and fixes:
  • Better compatibility with:
    • HTC Touch HD
    • HTC Touch Diamond
    • HTC Touch Pro
    • Samsung Omnia i900
    • Improved touch sensitivity
    • Fixed some bugs in version 2.9

    Keep on the lookout for the all new, upcoming FTouchSL v3.0, which will feature:

    [*]Motion paths to confirm your gestures have been recognized [*]New notifications - auditory, tactile (vibration) and visual [*]New Emulate Key Press modifiers (i.e. CTRL + C, CTRL + V, and others)

    Best regards,


    [Edit by Paul (MVP): You can also read more about FTouchSL in our original post!]

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