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Kevin Tse

what tools do I need to develop Windows Mobile apps using unmanaged C++?

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Hi, there

I am new to Window Mobile developing, and I want to develop application using native C++ code, what tools do I need? I know some from MSDN that VS 2005 is required, but since I want to use C++, I don't know whether I still need the .NET Compact Framework. I just don't want to install softwares that are not required for the develepment? Thank you in advance.

- Kevin Tse

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hi well i had the same question as u. so i asked a few of my tech buddies and was shown a programme that i believes creates G-sensor stuff, now i dont knw wot virsions it works (asked for samsung Omnia) for but hope i put u in the right direction,

check out this.

use "HTCSensorSDK.dll"


example http://forums.arianesoft.ca/showthread.php?t=1595

#define SENSOR_TILT 1

#define sensorfile "HTCSensorSDK.dll"

#declare HTCSensorGetDataOutput sensorfile HTCSensorGetDataOutput 2 1;

#declare HTCSensorOpen sensorfile HTCSensorOpen 1 1;

#declare HTCSensorClose sensorfile HTCSensorClose 1 1;


struct(sd$, "AccX", TShort, "AccY", TShort, "AccZ", TShort, "Unknown1", TShort, "AngleY", TInt, "AngleX", TInt, "Orientation", TInt);

t$ = HTCSensorOpen(SENSOR_TILT);



if (tick - TickStart$ > 50)

HTCSensorGetDataOutput(t$, &sd$);

x$ = sd.AccX$/sens$;

y$ = sd.AccY$/sens$;

TickStart$ = tick;



(after given all that i gave up thinking about it lol... good luck.

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