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Help in shortcut directly to INBOX

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Hi! I need your help guys this is very important.

How to create a direct shortcut (lnk) to INBOX, SENT-ITEMS and DRAFTS? for example I will put them to startup menu or any launcher.

Normally in WM, if I open inbox it often wanders inside sent-items or outbox AND I HATE IT! All WM are like that! I want it to take me directly to INBOX and just INBOX and nowhere else.


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The ALMOST successful method I know to go directly to INBOX is this command to tmail:

tmail.exe -service "SMS" -open "Inbox"

It ALMOST worked because it always go inside Inbox. But there is a problem because it often wanders inside outbox and sent-items if they are the last ones I visit.

I would greatly appreciate anybody who can share the proper command parameters to "tmail.exe" that takes me directly to the proper account I want. Thanks in advance.

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