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Christopher Woods

Anybody want a cheap 3 tariff?

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My current Three deal has come to the end of the contract period, and as I was a reliable customer they offered me a fair discount upon renewal. However, I'm not interested in taking this offer - I was just haggling for the sake of it to see what they'd offer me - but they have confirmed that if I wish to transfer the deal to anybody else I might know, they can do this and they will receive the same deal I was offered, including the existing discounts.

So, before I ring them up and cancel the contract, I thought I'd offer it out to some other people and see if anybody was after a low cost tariff with a free handset. Here's the two deals Three have offered me...

Package 1:

250 any network minutes

50 texts

free handset

£11.74 a month (was £12 before the VAT reduction)

Package 2:

100 'units' - can be used on call minutes or texts

300 minutes just for calls to other 3 customers

£8.80ish (was £9 before the VAT reduction)

The range of handsets to choose from are basic, but that's because when I was haggling with them I made it clear that I'd rather have a better allowance than a shiny phone like the N95. The current handset I have from my last contract is a Sony Ericsson K800i - I'm happy to throw that in as well for free if you're interested, plus you could choose from one of the handsets they're offering. That way you could sell one of them or have a backup handset too. Anyway, the handsets they have to choose from are:

Samsung S7330

Samsung L770

LG KF310

Nokia 3120 classic

Not outstandingly expensive, but who cares. The deal itself I think is really quite good value, particulary for the monthly price.

f you're wondering, this is how the account transfer would be arranged:

Step 1: you give me confirmation that you're interested in taking the offer (and tell me which one!)

Step 2: I ring Three and confirm the change of tariff.

Step 3: I ask Three for a "change of ownership reference", which I pass on to you

Step 4: You ring up Three with the reference and sort out your account details

Step 5: ...

Step 6: sorted!

The only requirements are that you're 18+ and a UK resident with a credit or debit card to sort out the Direct Debit with Three.

If anybody's interested, send me an email or a private message through this site - this offer will be available until the end of April at the latest, if nobody's taken it at that point I'll just be ringing Three and telling them I'm not interested.


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