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listView messages – how to set listviewItem position - LVM_SETITEMPOSITION??

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I would like to display all listview items in one row with scroll bar below it – instead of multiple rows and scroll bar on the right. Someone told me that I can achieve it using LVM_SETITEMPOSITION message.

According to my knowledge code below should set position for each item added to listView control. There are two ways of doing it - we can use MessageWindow.SendMessage from Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms or use DllImport and SendMessage. For some unknown reason code is not working as expected and control displays items in multiple rows.

Could someone please help me ?

public static IntPtr MakeLParam(int wLow, int wHigh)


return (IntPtr)(((short)wHigh << 16) | (wLow & 0xffff));


[DllImport("coredll.dll", SetLastError = true)]

public static extern IntPtr SendMessage(IntPtr hWnd, uint Msg, IntPtr wParam, IntPtr lParam);

const uint LVM_SETITEMPOSITION = 0x1000 + 15;

private void function()


ImageList imageList = new ImageList();

listView.View = System.Windows.Forms.View.LargeIcon;



int x = 0;

foreach ()


ListViewItem item = new ListViewItem(desc);


int index = listView.Items.Count;

IntPtr wparam = (IntPtr)index;

IntPtr lparam = MakeLParam(x, 0);

Message mes = Message.Create(listView.Handle, 0x1000 + 15, wparam, lparam);

MessageWindow.SendMessage(ref mes);


//IntPtr listH = listView.Handle;

//int index = listView.Items.Count;

//int y = 0;

//int t = SendMessage(listH, LVM_SETITEMPOSITION, index, m);

//IntPtr t = SendMessage(listView.Handle, LVM_SETITEMPOSITION, (IntPtr)index, MakeLParam(x, y));

x += 20;



listView.LargeImageList = imageList;


catch (Exception ex)




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